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Recipe: Light Hearted Tempura batter

This tempura batter recipe calls for : 2 cups All-purpose flour – sifted Teaspoon of salt 4 egg whites 12oz can of Cold Light Hearted 4oz – ice cold water.

There are lots of ways to use this light tempura batter, from veggies to fish and beyond. 


  • 2 cups All-purpose flour – sifted
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • 4 egg whites
  • 12oz can of Cold Light Hearted
  • 4oz – ice cold water


Sift flour into a large mixing bowl with salt. In a separate bowl whisk egg whites until they form a soft peak. Gradually stir in ¾ of the Light Hearted to sifted flour. Add egg whites and fold into flour and beer mixture. Use the remaining Light Hearted and then the ice cold water, folding the batter as you add it, to achieve a perfect tempura batter consistency. Make fresh each time and use immediately, it does not hold up well as you are looking to benefit from the carbon dioxide in the beer and aerated egg whites to have a light and airy batter. Use ice cubes to keep cold if making more than one hour ahead, substitute cold water for ice cubes.

Oil for tempura, high quality frying oil , rapeseed or peanut oil 355* - 365*

how to use the tempura light hearted batter:

  • It is important to allow vegetables to dry for 30-45 minutes before frying, slice, place on paper towel, turn after 15-20 minutes, this will give you best results.
  • Sweet potato into rounds with the skin on.
  • Sweet Vidalia onion rings, thinner slice than pub style!
  • Eggplant, slice into wide strips lengthwise or in rounds if a large one.
  • Baby zucchini you can leave whole, just cutting off the ends, cut regular zucchini into wide strips.
  • Carrots, slice on a bias nice and thin or into matchsticks.
  • Green beans, leave whole, just cutting off the tops and tail
  • Asparagus, use the tips for best results, 3-4 inches in length.
  • Seafood and meats, again allow meat and seafood to dry for 15-20 minutes before battering and frying, follow same directions as for vegetables;
  • Deveined and butterfly shrimp, leave tail on – 16/20 recommended.
  • Thin fresh chicken strips, 2-3 inches long
  • Thin slice sirloin with soy, garlic and ginger
  • After drying, sprinkle with salt and pepper, I use a little white pepper and fine Himalayan salt mixture and a light dusting of cornstarch to help batter adhere to your food choice . Run vegetables/seafood/meat through the batter and allow excess to fall back into bowl, carefully drop into oil, don’t overcrowd oil when doing Tempura.
  • Fry until cooked, floating, turn over when on the surface. Remove from oil, drain excess cooking oil on absorbent paper.
  • Serve immediately with fine salt, lemon wedges and with a can of Light Hearted Ale.