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Make crispy onion rings with Oatsmobile

Crispy Oven Beer Battered Onion Rings1.jpgWe love when people take our beer, bring it into the kitchen and cook.

Jackie Dodd, the Beeroness, used our latest release Oatsmobile and made Crispy Oven Baked Beer Battered Onion Rings

Here’s what she said about our session pale ale:

It’s a damn good beer. One of the best sessions beers I’ve had this year (a session beer is a beer that has a lower alcohol content, generally below 5%). The oats give it a round, almost creamy flavor that balances the beautiful dry hopped finish. It kicks you a bit of a fruity, but not overly citrusy, flavor with just the right malt backbone and the perfect level of carbonation for a beer that I want to drink all summer

Thanks, Jackie! View the recipe on the Beeroness’s website.

If you have any recipes using our beer, we’d love to see them.

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