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DEI checkin: How we at Bell’s have been working toward a more diverse and inclusive brewery

Crafted for All helps us develop inclusive, equitable, and just practices that help drive success and empower our employees.

In the summer of 2020, we formally made a commitment to be better when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Some of the work we’ve done around that commitment has been shared in a variety of ways. Our support of Brienne Allan, the latest releases in our Celebration Series (Seneca Village), and our version of the Black is Beautiful global collaboration are just a few examples.

While transparency is part of our commitment to the Crafted For All initiative, it is important to us to share more about what we’ve done with you, our fans, our partners, and everyone else committed to being better.

Below is a look at some of the work that has happened behind the scenes. In time, we will have more to share. Our work continues.

Hired a full-time DEI Specialist: Jay has extensive experience with social justice work, provides training and workshops on LGBTQ mental health, LGBTQ inclusion/allyship, and transgender health/well-being across the Midwest. He also serves on the board of directors for CenterLink, an organization providing support and resources to LGBTQ community centers nationwide.

Introduced anonymous reporting: We’ve added Red Flag Reporting so everyone who works here at Bell’s can report concerns and choose how anonymous they want to be.

External messaging: Ensure that marketing, advertising, packaging, and all customer contact methods do not perpetuate stereotypes, appropriate cultures, or dehumanize any population or group.

Evaluating how we communicate:   By removing biasing criteria from job descriptions and employment announcements using augmented writing technology, we can help increase accessibility and invite a more inclusive pool of talent to join our Bell’s family.

Regularly “take the temperature” of our culture: Regular audits, focus groups, and anonymous surveys will continue. Future policy will be driven by our overall employee experience and feedback.

DEI Champions: In early 2020, a team of Bell’s employees from across our company came together to form a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee. They meet weekly to plan and execute programs and initiatives to address those crucial areas. This committee also helps provide insight and advice to departments in need of support as it relates to equity and inclusion.

Proud sponsor of Kalamazoo’s Black Arts Festival: This is a new partnership for us this year. Funds from the 2021 event will help fund the organization’s move into a larger space which will allow additional collaboration and space for artists to work.

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