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7 Things to Do to Celebrate Two Hearted Day

August 15th is Two Hearted Day, when we celebrate the release of our beloved American IPA. 

Here are seven ways to celebrate Two Hearted Day.

Get outside

Two Hearted was inspired by the great outdoors, particularly the Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A great way to celebrate the day is to get outside, go for a hike, paddle down a river, and enjoy a Two Hearted afterward.

Brew some homebrew

We got our start as homebrewers, and brewing your first batch isn’t as complicated as you think. We have tips and guides at our General Store on how to get started, as well as Two Hearted (grain kit or extract kit), Light Hearted (grain kit or extract kit), and Double Two Hearted (grain kit or extract kit) clone kits to get you all the ingredients you need.

Have a Hearted Family reunion

We all fell in love with Two Hearted — but there are more members of the family to meet. Light Hearted Ale is our Lo-Cal IPA that’s aromatic, balanced, full-flavored, and incredibly easy-drinking, all at just 110 calories. Double Two Hearted is a double IPA take on the original. With two and a half times the amount of Centennial hops, Double Two Hearted has intense pine and citrus notes, a resinous hop aroma, and a rich malt character.

Cook some Two Hearted inspired food

We all know — after a Two Hearted, or two, we start thinking about eating something. Here are some recipes to make some Two Hearted dishes and food that pairs well with our American IPA and Lo-Cal IPA sibling.

Shake up a Two Hearted cocktail

It’s hard to have a drink better than Two Hearted… but sometimes you want to mix it up. Here are some recipes for Two Hearted inspired cocktails


Call a friend and say you ❤️❤️ them

Two Hearted is best enjoyed with friends. Given Two Hearted Day is a holiday, pick up the phone and call a friend who you enjoy drinking Two Hearted with and tell them you ❤️❤️ them. Crack a beer, reminisce and plan your next Two Hearted adventure.

Attend a Two Hearted celebration

Break out of your routines and find a new place to enjoy a Two Hearted at… we have a list of some upcoming events.

Oh yeah, and if you want to rock some Two Hearted swag, we got you.

Have a happy Two Hearted Day! Be safe, savor the beer and people you’re with. Share your celebration with us by using the hashtag #TwoHeartedDay.

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