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Bell's Pizzapalooza! Celebrate National Pizza Party Day with us!

Bell's Pizzapalooza is May 15.

Who couldn’t use an excuse to eat pizza and drink beer right now?

We’re celebrating National Pizza Party day with one of our own: Bell’s Pizzapalooza, a digital pizza party featuring four pairings for four beers.

The pizza party will take place Friday, May 15 at 7 p.m. EDT and be streamed on our FacebookYouTube and Twitter pages.

Several bars and restaurants across the country are participating with a special quad pizza with the pairings. We’ll post more details here, stay tuned. 

As our brewery founder and president Larry Bell said: “This event combines two things that should be readily available no matter where you live. Comfort food meets delicious beer in a way that will hopefully help people feel a little connected, something we’re all looking for these days, and help support nearby restaurants and bars.”


Here are the pairings for the pizza party:

  • Light Hearted Ale with a chicken, bacon and ranch pizza; or a seafood and citrus pizza.
  • Official Hazy IPA with hot Hawaiian pizza or a pizza with goat cheese, hot pepper and peach.
  • Porter with sweet sausage crumbles and mushroom pizza or a pizza with peppers.
  • Lager of the Lakes with a Margherita pizza or a pizza with prosciutto and arugula.

Picky eater pairings

Don’t like to have a complex pizza or ordering one to share with some picky eaters? Here’s a list of alternative pairings:

  • Light Hearted with a pepperoni pizza.
  • Official Hazy IPA with a ham pizza.
  • Porter with a sausage and mushroom pizza.
  • Lager of the Lakes with a classic cheese pizza.

Short on supplies or can’t order a pizza? Feel free to join us to learn about how pizza and beer work together!


Here are some participating accounts:



  • Flo & Santo’s Lager - Margherita or Tomato, Arugala, + Prosciutto.. Light Hearted - BBQ Chicken… Official - Hot Hawaiian.. Porter Sausage + Mushroom

New York


North Carlonia

Syracuse, New York



St Louis

  • Pizzeoli, Traditional Neapolitan pizza. Two options: Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza and a veggie pizza TBD





  • MacKenzie Pub, Pepperoni, Thai Peanut, Margherita and Jerk Chicken

Washington DC



  • Aldo's Pizza Pie's, Downtown and Midtown, The Lombardi - Tomato sauce, Meatballs,Mozzarella and ricotta Cheese

Puerto Rico



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