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What you need to know for our 2021 Homebrew Competition

Things to keep in mind if you decide to enter this year's homebrew competition:

  • Homebrewers should bring a sanitized vessel with them to transport their wort home. Buckets, carboys (please be extra careful handling glass carboys) and cornelius kegs are the most common vessels. You can leave them in your vehicle until it’s time to pick up your wort, but again, please sanitize your vessel prior to your pick-up time to help us make sure everyone gets their wort.
  • NEW THIS YEAR! All participants must reserve a time slot online for your wort pickup. No walk ups will be permitted until all online reservations have been fulfilled. Pick up time slots will go live on Sunday, July 11th at 10am EST. Please check our Facebook page for a link to sign up. 
  • The first time slot for wort distribution will begin at 3pm on Saturday, July 31st. 
  • Be creative with your recipe/submission! If your entry is chosen as the winner, we will have to be able to figure out a way to make your beer on a much larger scale. So please, take good, detailed notes of everything you do to the wort.
  • Cannabis infused beer will not be judged and should not be submitted.
  • The wort will be made with 100-percent Michigan Pale Ale malt. The original gravity of the wort will be announced on the day of wort pickup. The wort will be minimally boiled and entirely unhopped, giving you complete freedom for recipes and allow your imagination to run wild from there. However, homebrewers will have to complete the kettle boil on their own systems. There are no style guidelines for the final beer, so long as it uses the base wort from Bell's Brewery, Inc.
  • Competition entries (four 12 oz. bottles) are due to the Bell’s General Store by 6pm, September 3rd.

For more on this year's competition, go here. 

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