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Recipe: Bell's Official Tropical Sangria

Enjoy a Bell's Official Tropical Sangria on Taco Funday ... or any day.

This delicious take on everyone's favorite punch serves 6. 


  • 3 twelve ounce cans of Bell's Official
  • 6 oz. white rum
  • 8 oz. fruit juice (OJ, peach, apple, pineapple)
  • 8 oz. fruit flavored sparkling water or sparkling lemonade/limeade
  • 2 cups sliced/diced fruit (as desired)


  1. Prepare the fruit of your choice. Wash and slice or dice and place at bottom of a pitcher with about a half gallon capacity. 
  2. Add rum. 
  3. Add juice and sparkling water. Stir. 
  4. Add the Official. Be patient with the foam and let it settle. (We know, it's hard.) Stir. 
  5. You can serve immediately or let the flavors develop a little bit prior to serving (be sure to refrigerate if so).