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Quinannan Falls Special Lager cans coming in June

We are proud to announce a new addition to our specialty packaging lineup this year.

Bell’s Quinannan Falls Special Lager Beer (6.3% ABV) will debut in 12 oz. cans, packaged in six-packs, this June.

“Quinannan Falls” pronounced “҆Kwi-ni-naan,” or Q-Falls as it affectionately known at our pub, has been an Eccentric Café favorite since 2009.

This limited specialty beer will ship to all states we distributes to.

“We’re really excited about adding Quinannan Falls to our family of Bell’s beers this year. We’re also looking forward to releasing additional new beers as the year goes on” said Bell’s Vice President Laura Bell.

Literally born in a dream: Larry Bell, president and founder of Bell’s Brewery, dreamt that he was at the mystically hidden retreat of Quinannan Falls, somewhere in the boreal north. Neither Quinannan Falls nor the beer actually existed outside his imagination, but he remembered enough about it to sketch a recipe and label, which was put into full form by Michigan artist Kathleen Kalinowski, the following morning.

The end result is a dry-hopped lager that possesses a crisp, dry bitterness you would expect from a German pilsner, but the use of highly aromatic Simcoe hops from the Pacific Northwest, evoke the fragrant pine forests that inspired this beer.

Look for additional details here and on social media.

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