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A new Bottling Line also means a new way to see how fresh your Bell's beer is

Our new Bottling Line now has a laser to help us and you ensure the freshest Bell’s beer is available.

Going forward, all of our bottles will have their actual packaging date and batch information laser etched onto the back label.

No more A, B or C. Each Bell’s bottle (and can) will also clearly state its shelf life.

  • All of our lagers have a 3 month shelf life: Octoberfest, Lager of the Lakes, Quinannan Falls and Consecrator Doppelbock
  • A majority of our ales have a 6 month shelf life: Two Hearted, Oberon, Best Brown, Amber and others
  • A few have a 12 month shelf life: Java Stout, Cherry Stout, Special Double Cream Stout
  • And a few others have an Unlimited shelf life: Black Note, Expedition Stout, Third Coast Old Ale, Eccentric Ale and a few other specialty beers that are released from time to time (30th Anniversary, Neptune and Saturn are examples).

Keep in mind, the date etched onto our packaging is the date the beer was bottled, kegged or canned. It is not a “Best Before Date” or even a brew date.

You can also find packaging info printed on case boxes (or mother cartons), the bottom of cans, the upper side wall of kegs and mini-kegs and on the side of 12-packs.

Keep in mind, this new way of dating has just begun, so you may come across some bottles that do not have that info on the back label. If that does happen, you can also check the neck or shoulder of the bottle for its packaging date as well. 

Find something that is not within its shelf life? Let us know.

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