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Homebrewing with all grain: Our general store can help with all of your needs

Whether you're just getting into all grain brewing or a seasoned homebrewer who can name every type of malt, our General Store can provide you with all the resources you need.

Find all of your grain needs in our online store or better yet, stop by our grain room and chat with our knowledgeable and friendly staff at the General Store. They can guide you through our wide selection of top quality malt from both local and international maltsters.

Scoop and weigh out your base and specialty malts or flaked adjuncts to get the exact amount your recipe calls for, or grab a 10 pound bag of base malt to save some time. Once you’ve got the malts you need, our motorized mill makes quick work of safely, crushing your grains. To ensure we have the freshest supply at all times, our grains are rotated often and per-pound pricing helps you get the amount of grain you need at the right price.

New to all grain? Join us on Sunday, December 4, for our FREE All Grain Demo.

Our General Store staff will help ease you through the transition by taking you step-by-step through the entire process. Capacity is limited to 20 people, with pre-registration required.

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