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The Eccentric Cafe offers a burger for every taste

The chefs at the Eccentric Café are as passionate about their food as our brewers are their beer. Each and every item on our menu is made with love and features the highest quality, scratch made and locally sourced ingredients.

Our grass-fed burgers are no exception. Each one of our burgers features some of Michigan’s best products, from producers who are as committed to quality and sustainability as we are. And with five different burgers, there's bound to be a burger for any taste. 

Vegetarian? No problem. We have an incredible option for those who prefer to go meatless.

Nestled between a brioche bun from MacKenzie's Bakery is the heart of our burgers, a 6 oz. beef patty sourced from Michigan State Beef Co-op (except of course for the black bean version). An extension of Michigan State, the Co-op's goal is to develop best practices for raising cattle, with special attention to Michigan. All of their cattle is grass-fed, with every detail considered, all the way down to the soil content and breeds of cattle.

Check out our burgers below and stop in to the Café to try one or all of them! And if you're really hungry, consider adding bacon or fried egg.

Bell’s Burger

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, choice of cheese


Black pepper, caramelized onion, bleu cheese

Jam Burger

Bacon onion jam, tomato jam, choice of cheese

Spicy Burger

House-pickled jalapeno, Brinery hot sauce made specifically for Bell's, chipotle mayo, gruyere

Black Bean

House-made black bean burger, sundried tomato cream cheese, calico slaw