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Eccentric Collaboration Ale 2020

Brandy Barrel-Aged Strong Ale with Fruitcake

in 2020, we debut a new Eccentric tradition - a different take on our annual collaboration project.

Eccentric Collaboration Ale 2020

Collaborations can get a little crazy… so we embrace it. Our friends from Gigantic Brewing in Portland came to our brewery with a special ingredient: Fruitcake from an Oregon monastery to make this eccentrically unique beer aged in brandy barrels.

Full ingredient list: honey, nutmeg, ginger, Vietnamese cinnamon, dried apricot, orange zest, rice hulls, cherries and fruitcake aged in brandy barrels with dried pitted dates and raisins

This beer is a Bell's General Store Exclusive release. For availability, go here to check availability

Alcohol By Volume: 
Shelf Life: 

Why don't we list IBUs?

There is a difference between absolute bitterness and perceived bitterness. IBUs are useful for homebrewers for the purpose of clone recipes, but it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Expedition Stout is a good example. It has more IBUs than more traditional hoppy beers like Two Hearted and Hopslam.


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