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Eccentric Ale 2019

Brewed under the discerning eye of Larry.

The 2019 release of Eccentric Ale was brewed with Thai basil, shitake mushrooms and Wakame seaweed.

Eccentric Ale 2019

A rare ale that's specially brewed to bring out your inner self. Or reveal the side of you that doesn't get out much. Or release the part of you that would never show up at the office.

Eccentric Ale is only available at the Eccentric Cafe and Bell's General Store on Eccentric Day.

The special ingredients in our 2019 release (brewed in 2018) are: Thai basil, shiitake mushrooms and Wakae seaweed. 

The guest brewers were Ted Furman and John Freyer of Argus Brewing Chicago

Alcohol By Volume: 
Shelf Life: 

Why don't we list IBUs?

There is a difference between absolute bitterness and perceived bitterness. IBUs are useful for homebrewers for the purpose of clone recipes, but it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Expedition Stout is a good example. It has more IBUs than more traditional hoppy beers like Two Hearted and Hopslam.


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