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Bale So Hard was the winning recipe from the 6th Annual Bell's Homebrew Competition

We hosted a special tapping of the 2015 Bell’s Homebrew Competition on Aug. 13 at the Eccentric Cafe.

Bale So Hard is dry-hopped farmhouse ale developed by David Hellen. It beat out 131 other entries that were submitted and judged by Bell's employees during our sixth annual competition. 

Hellen and our Pub Brewing Operations Manager, Zeke Bogan, brewed Bale So Hard at our original brewery in downtown Kalamazoo.

Bale So Hard has pungent hop aromatics, mild yeast spice and fruity Brett notes.

The beer was brewed with HBC 438 and Mosaic hops. HBC 438 is an experimental hop, available exclusively to homebrewers. All proceeds from the sale of this variety go toward finding a cure for ALS via the Ales for ALS program that Bell’s has been a part of since it started in 2013.

The yeast blend mixes a saison yeast and brettanomyces which in conjunction with the hops, creates a unique pungent, fruity, tropical, spicy aroma and flavor. 

The Annual Bell's Homebrew Compeition kicks off annually in Sept. 10 with a wort giveaway and homebrew expo. (More details here). Homebrewers are given 5 gallons of wort to take home and add their own malts, hops, spices and yeast. Samples of the resulting beers are turned in and judged by a panel of Bell’s employees and other brewing industry members.

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