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Get to know our Wheat Series and newest release, Rind Over Matter

Rind Over Matter is the newest wheat beer release from Bell's. Available in cans, bottles and on draft, is brewed with fresh lemon and orange zest.

The sun is starting to set on this year’s Oberon season, but those who love it and wheat beers have a brand-new option to help keep summer going.

Rind Over Matter, the first official release in our new branded Wheat Series debuts this month in bottles, cans, and on draft across our distribution footprint.

“The first thing you are going to notice is this beautiful light color followed by very expressive notes of lemon and orange. People are going to love this, especially those looking for an alternative while Oberon is away for the winter,” Andy Farrell, Brewing Innovation Manager, said.

Rind Over Matter is a bright and refreshing American Wheat Ale, brewed with fresh lemon and orange zest, with a 5% ABV. It is easy-drinking, aromatic and has a lighter malt profile than Oberon that allows those citrus notes to really shine. 

“One of the things we do really well is wheat beers,” Larry Bell, president and founder of Bell’s said.

“People have always been drawn to that style, they are very popular and approachable. It made sense for us to lean into that more and give our fans and customers a wide range of choices throughout the year,” he said.

Following Rind Over Matter, look for our Belgian-inspired Wheat, Bright White, in November. In mid to late December, a brand-new low-calorie option will follow in this series before Oberon returns in March 2022.

Additional details on that new beer will be shared soon.

Those who don’t want Oberon season to end just yet can still find it on store shelves while supplies last. No new shipments will be heading out from the brewery until next year though (except for those destined for Florida and Arizona where Oberon is available year-round).

One more big wheat announcement

For the first time ever, Uberon, a bourbon barrel-aged version of Oberon will ship in 12 oz bottles, packaged in 4-packs. At 11.3% ABV, it is the perfect beer for a special summer moment or for those long winter nights when you’re longing for the return of Oberon. Uberon will start hitting store shelves and coolers around the beginning of September. It will debut at the Bell’s General Store and Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo on Sept. 1.

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