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Check out the 2020 Oberon mini-keg design complete with ocean planets, giant space jelly fish and more

A wild summer revolves around Oberon this year. In The Oberon System you can spot strange happenings: swimmers doing the backstroke on ocean planets, schools of fish,  several wormholes, colorful comets and of course, giant space jellyfish.

The 2020 Oberon mini-keg design has been revealed!

Look for them this month; we are packaging and shipping them as fast as we can. 

You can use our Beer Finder for help locating recent deliveries of Oberon (and any other Bell's beer), but please be patient. Results do not reflect real time inventories and you will need to call ahead to verify availability of mini-kegs specifically. Please be patient as well, since availability will vary. It can and will take some time before they are delivered to their (almost) final desinations after being picked up from our brewery. 

Check out the design below and get ready to spend some time in the Oberon System!

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