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Celebrate Kalamazoo Bike Week, May 10-17, with Bell’s

Bike friendly.Bikes and Bell’s have a long standing relationship.

From sponsorships (Iceman Cometh Challenge and the Copper Harbor Trails Festival, for example) to bike parking at the Café, we have always supported those who travel by gears.

We will continue that tradition during Kalamazoo Bike Week. Below is what we have planned at the Eccentric Cafe.

In addition, anyone who rides their bike to the Café during Kalamazoo Bike Week (and can prove it) will get a $1 off their beers during their visit. And, as always, if you forget your lock, just ask the bartender to borrow one.

For more on Kalamazoo Bike Week, go here.

Cheers and safe riding.

May 13

Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival – Bike Shorts, 6 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. (must be 21 or older for later showing)

Details: This festival is a celebration of bicycles and the culture that surrounds them. The films will feature a wide spectrum of experiences, stories and images of bicycling. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you think. The common theme is that they are all for, about or inspired by bicycles. Admission is $5. Read more about the films here.

May 17

Annual Bell’s to Bell’s Bike Ride, noon (registration), 1 p.m. (ride begins)

Details: We are challenging our employees to ride to work instead of driving during Kalamazoo Bike Week. The goal? 455 miles or the distance from our Comstock brewery to the future site of Upper Hand Brewery in Escanaba.

You can help us ride back and raise money for future Kalamazoo River Valley Trail expansions.

All you have to do is join us for our annual brewery to brewery bike ride – a 14 mile ride along the KRVT and some surface roads that will begin at the Café, head to our Comstock Brewery for a tour, then head back to the Café for a ra­ffle and drinks. Bring your ID, bike lock and helmet. Suggested donation is $10.