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Bright Night: Enjoy these longer days with 3 Oberon cocktail recipes

Tropical Miami vibes are the theme for this year's Bright Night celebrations!

Saturday is Bright Night, also known as the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year means more sunshine and more ways to enjoy Oberon.

Check out our Bright Night video featuring a special guest from Lowell Observatory and stick around to the end to learn more about a brand new beer debuting later this year!

We mentioned three cocktail recipes in our video — here they are!

Sunstruck by Oberon


  • Crushed Ice
  • ½ oz. Falernum (pronounced fə-LUR-nəm) is a nonalcoholic syrup from the Caribbean, best known for its use in tropical drinks. It contains flavors of ginger, lime, almond, and most often also of cloves or allspice.
  • 3 oz. Orange Juice
  • 4 oz. Oberon
  • Grenadine
  • Garnish of Orange and Cherry aka “Butterfly”


  1. Pour 3 ounces of Orange Juice into a pitcher.
  2. Add ½ ounce of Falernum to the Orange Juice.
  3. Open 1 bottle of Oberon and pour about half into the pitcher.
  4. Take a sip of Oberon
  5. Stir and pour over ice
  6. Lace the glass with Grenadine
  7. Garnish
  8. Cheers and enjoy!

Oberon Beermosa


  • Oberon
  • Sparkling White Wine
  • Orange Juice


  • Mix: 25% sparkling white wine, 15% orange juice, 60% Oberon
  • Use a mint leaf and/or an orange as garnish
  • From our experience, we've found it works best to pour the sparkling white wine first, then the orange juice and top it off with Oberon. Make sure to pour slowly to avoid making a mess. We've also found using fresh-squeezed orange juice tastes best, but you can use whatever juice you prefer.

Oberon on the Rocks

This one is simple: freeze Tropical Oberon in ice cube trays. Silicon trays work well since the beer won’t freeze solid like water but be more of icy chunks. Also, because of the alcohol, it takes longer to freeze than water.

Fill a glass with the Tropical Oberon cubes, top with Oberon.

Enjoy! Perfect for a hot, sunny day!

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