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B1 beer: Get to know Boon Companion, a beer that doesn't fit any single style

boon companion

This post is part of an occasional series looking at the beers we develop at our original brewery, or B1. 

Tasting notes: Resinous & tangerine hop notes w/ lemon verbena

Boon Companion is a beer unlike any other and doesn't fit any single style.

The beer was developed by our Vice President and co-owner, Laura Bell to explore the use of lemon verbena, a lemon-scented herb originally from South America, in beer. It is dry hopped with the herb, as well as lemon zest and Sorachi Ace hops. 

It's ABV, color and IBU level are similar to an American Pale Ale, but doesn't fit the style because of spices and zest.

It's unique blend of ingredients creates a pale, medium bodied, moderate but noticeable bitterness, dry hopped aromas, as well as complex integrated herbal and citrus notes from the dry hop, zest and verbena.

All of this clocks in to a 5.9% ABV.

Boon Companion was brewed in downtown Kalamazoo at our original brewery and is going to see some limited distribution. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar and Beer Finder to see if it's coming to a bar or restaurant near you.

What is a B1 beer? 

B1 is how we affectionately refer to our original brewery in downtown Kalamazoo, located adjacent to our pub, the Eccentric Cafe. This is where we got our start and where we still develop new recipes, experiment with new varieties of hops and brew small batches of specialty beers like The Wild One and Mango Habanero Oberon today. Most of the beers brewed there are typically only available on draught at the Cafe, but from time to time they do make their way to special events.