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Bell's Summer Intern Class of 2017 finishes up, leaves its mark

Editor's note: Trisha, who wrote this piece, worked  with our marketing team as our communications intern during the summer of 2017. She was a recent graduate of Kalamazoo College.  

As summer heads off, so do our summer interns- back to school, to work or to continue here at Bell's. 

For the third year in a row, we have offered a summer internship program to students and recent graduates throughout the United States. This year, 11 interns joined our family to work in several of our departments including: quality, safety, creative, marketing, engineering, wellness, data, point of sale and sustainability. 

From the first week on the job, our interns were welcomed into the family through an immersive on-boarding experience. This week was spent providing an overview of benefits, important company values such as our safety always culture, and of course a bit of beer education.

Following the on-boarding program ourinterns were treated as if they were any other full time employee. The work the interns were assigned, “were projects that full time employees get” Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Stephanie Blodgett explained. "It was a big deal for us to provide an internship that really felt like they were at work."

Throughout the summer, the interns individually accomplished several influential projects for the company including developing an on-site composting program for our Comstock brewery and the BOB (our main office building), creating label art work, organizing cultural programs and performing research on dry hop creep.

The interns also took part in several social aspects that come along with being a part of the Bell’s family such as: the volunteer day, enjoying time at the Eccentric Cafe with coworkers, weekly beer benefits, wellness activities and the occasional shifty, for those who whom were of legal drinking age. 

“All of us interns have been able to work together from very different areas, very different people," Lexi Janego, Wellness Intern said. "So it’s been cool to see how everybody works and gets along.”

As this year's class of interns head off to continue on their next adventures, they have not only left their mark on Bell's, but Bell's has left their mark on them. Vince Perez, Engineering Intern explained that the engineering projects he worked on during his time here would be beneficial "not only going into my senior year but also going into my full time career as well." 

In future years Blodgett said she hopes to expand the internship program into other areas "As we grow as a company, I hope that our internship program also will." 

Keep an eye out for future internship position postings and check out our careers page for other opportunities to join our Bell's family. 

Intern Experience Final Video


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