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Bell's Porter, Kalamazoo Stout take medals at 2019 Colorado State Fair

Bell's Porter and Kalamazoo Stout brought home medals in the 2019 Colorado State Fair.

We are proud to share that two of our classic beers have won medals at this year’s Colorado State Fair.

Bell’s Porter received a gold medal in the competition’s American Porter category and Kalamazoo Stout won a silver medal in the Foreign Extra Stout category. 

Porter was first released in 1987 and Kalamazoo Stout debuted in 1988. Both beers debuted refreshed packaging earlier this year. 

“Beers like Porter and Kalamazoo Stout were some of our original brews and, along with Amber Ale, helped build the brewery,” said Larry Bell, Bell’s president and founder. 

“It’s incredible to see these darker, classic beers continue earning awards today,” he added. 

Upper Hand Brewery, a division of Bell’s, also brought home three medals: bronze for Laughing Fish and its SISU Stout in addition to a gold for Yellow Hex. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the awards:


Upper Hand

  • Bronze in Category 12A (British Golden Ale) for Laughing Fish
  • Bronze in Category 20C (Imperial Stout) for SISU Stout
  • GOLD! in Category 27 (Historical Beer) for Yellow Hex
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