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Bell's 2022 beer releases: New beers, new packaging and returning fan favorites

LoSun, from Bell's Brewery, is a low-calorie Wheat beer that will appeal to those who enjoy IPAs as well.

We have an amazing lineup planned for 2022 that includes new beers, new packaging and returning Bell’s Brewery favorites. 

Those will of course include Two Hearted, Light Hearted, Amber Ale, Lager of the Lakes, Official Hazy IPA, Oberon Ale, Rind Over Matter, Kalamazoo Stout, Porter, Hopsoulution Ale, Octoberfest, Special Double Cream Stout, Christmas Ale and many more. We’ll be sharing future updates right here, so check back often.

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Taller Hopslams

Our eagerly awaited Double IPA will not only return to 12 oz. cans, but has also debuted in a taller option (16 oz. cans packaged in 4-packs).

Get to know LoSun

LoSun, a low-calorie Wheat Ale arrives just in time for New Year’s resolutions. It is the latest release in our Rotational Wheat Series which includes Bright White, Rind Over Matter and the ever-popular, summer staple, Oberon Ale! This beer is refreshing and packed with fruity, dry-hopped aromas and flavors like citrus and pineapple.

It has all the qualities of an IPA combined with the smooth mouthfeel of a wheat beer. It’s a great choice for a variety of craft beer drinkers coming in at 4% Alc. By Vol. and only 110 calories (per 12 oz. serving).

Find this new wheat offering in bottles, cans and on draft across our distribution footprint.

Not sorry at all

The distribution of No, Yeah has expanded to six additional states with the New Year: Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Michigan will also start to see 12-packs of this award-winning easy-drinking beer in January. Learn more about No, Yeah.

Eccentric Exclusives

Formerly known as the Bell’s General Store Exclusive Series, these small batches of special releases won’t be available anywhere but our General Store and pub, the Eccentric Cafe. Bell’s has a long tradition of brewing small batches just for those who visit its original location and live in the area. More of them will now be bottled and sold exclusively at the brewery’s General Store and on tap at the adjacent Cafe. You can find the full list, updated as we go, on our Brand Page

That's The Idea

Have you ever wanted to be a beer taste tester? That’s the idea behind this series of small-batch brews. Take a sip of what’s on our brewers’ minds, share your thoughts via QR codes on the six-pack carriers, and be part of Bell’s Inspired Brewing tradition. To make it easier, we're adding new releases on its Brand Page as we go. 


More variety packs

A brand-new variety pack will start shipping in mid-January just in time for Valentine’s Day featuring Two Hearted, Light Hearted, Black Hearted and Cold Hearted. Our Bell’s Box of Hearts includes three 12 oz. bottles of each variation.

This will be the first time Black Hearted and Cold Hearted will see wide distribution.


Save the date! Oberon officially returns on March 21. 


Even more sunshine

Tropical Oberon will return for a second year in mid-April.


More 16 oz. cans

Hopslam isn’t the only Double IPA to get the taller can treatment. The double version of Bell’s iconic IPA, Two Hearted, will also debut in this popular packaging option for the first time. Double Two Hearted will return in August. And to top it all off, Octoberfest will also be back for a fall celebration. 


Stouts and a wheat

Rind Over Matter returns along with Double Cream Stout, Expedition Stout and Third Coast Old Ale.

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