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Larry's Latest Sour Ale

Kettle Soured Ale with a Dry Hop Burst

Larry's Latest Sour Ale

Larry's Latest Sour Ale

The name “Larry’s Latest” is a nod to the spirit of innovation and experimentation that Larry started in 1985 and continues within the brewery to this day. Our latest sour recipe has a refreshingly bright, citrusy tartness combined with pungent tropical aromas.

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Alcohol By Volume: 
Shelf Life: 
6 Months

Available Packages

6 pack
12 pack
4 pack

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Food Pairings 

Savory: Grilled fish, trout, perch, green curry, herbed ricotta

Sweet: Grilled fruit, citrus sorbet, honey cake

The Eccentric Way: Grilled chicken with a lemon herb gastrique