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Beer Michigan

Barleywine made with all Michigan-grown ingredients

Beer Michigan

Beer Michigan is a big ale with complex malt aromas with flavors of bread, caramel, biscuit and toffee with an assertive hop presence. Massive amounts of hops were added in the kettle as well as the whirlpool to provide bitterness as well as complex, resinous hop flavor and additional aromas.

Only Michigan-grown ingredients were used in the recipe. Farmers who grew both the hops and barley and members of our local homebrew communtiy helped brew this beer on our 50-barrel system at our Comstock Brewery.

This beer was brewed to commemorate the 2014 American Homebrewers Association National Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All conference attendees were given one 22 oz. bottle. A limited number of kegs were also packaged.

Alcohol By Volume: 
Original Gravity: 
Shelf Life: 

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